Chemical Peels

Chemical peels remove damaged outer layers of skin to make skin smoother, reduce scarring and remove blemishes. Ranging from mild to strong, there are multiple  types of chemical peels: Glycolic 30/50, Mandelic Acid, Pyruvic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Eye, Hand and Lip peels. 

 The strength and duration of time for each peel is tailored to the patient. 

These prescription grade Chemical peels are performed in an office by a specially trained medical professional. Anesthesia is not required as these peels only produce only a slight stinging.

Chemical Peels produce the best results in a series of 3 approximately 3-4 weeks apart

Chemical Peel Procedure

During a chemical  peel, the skin is cleansed and the solution is applied, which may cause a brief stinging sensation. It is then deactivated and cleansed, and a post procedure cooling cream applied. A slight post procedure flushed look appears for the next several hours.

Regular activity may be resumed, makeup can be applied the next day.

Retinol cream and exfoliants should be avoided for at least 36  hours

Side Effects of Chemical Peels

Tingling sensation for up to 1-2 hours after 

Skin dryness for up to 1 week

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